Crypto Mining Rig – Starter Kit


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This is a hardware product which we assemble and deliver to your location. All you need to do, is to plug it into your network, and switch it on. It is configured to startup mining on your preferred crypto coin. Drop us a line, and we’ll design your rig for you. We package our helpdesk service where you can ask questions and we’ll respond.

Mining Rig – Starter Kit

  • We’ll provide a basic low-cost kit to get started in mining the coin of your preference.
  • The kit is designed to be expandable should you want more mining capacity
  • Our rigs are designed with various consideration like power-consumption, cooling and noise.
  • We have special price agreements with local and international wholesalers for GPUs and other crypto equipment.
  • Our helpdesk package keeps you informed and your rig configured and running.
  • Our maintenance services are also available should you want to operate this rig remotely.


Note: The product image is a sample image of how mining rigs look like. We customise rigs for closet miners to datacentres using various form factors. A rig will vary depending on availability of optimal hardware configurations.